About Us

Appalachian Fog, LLC is a local Vape Shop located on the outskirts of Danville, WV in Boone County.  I guess you could say that we’re a “traditional” vape shop even though our views are a little different. In our shop, you’re not going to be pressured into buying into the latest and greatest vape equipment. You’re not going to be told how old, outdated, or “cheesy” your current vape equipment is just to try to sell you something. We like to view ourselves as more a support shop for you. If you can obtain your goals through the use of cig-a-like that you picked up from a gas station, more power to you. Of course, we won’t be able to help you much considering we don’t carry refills for that kind of device. We will congratulate you on working toward being a “non-smoker” and answer any questions we can about the journey you’re on. Don’t get me wrong, we sell vape equipment and we try to sell the best products we can to help you out. We won’t sell you a new tank when yours is fine and you’re happy with it though.

Our area has recently taken a pretty hard hit economically. We have a lot of people in our area out of work and we have people looking for jobs that aren’t there. We understand this. We also understand that you can find a LOT of equipment online. Granted, we can’t offer support on anything not purchased in the shop, but if we can help out, we will. We try to keep our prices low so that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. We try to make sure that our prices are competitive and we do a pretty good job of it. With that being said though, you have to understand that we don’t move products like online stores do. We have electric and phone bills and not to mention the rent. We love our customers and we want to remain here to help you out and be that supportive voice to keep you going. We can’t compete with the likes of Amazon though. If you want us around, we’ll be happy to stay, but we won’t be able to only do a 1% markup on a products and stay in business like they do.

We understand customer support. We understand the value of a relationship. We won’t want to sell you your equipment and not see you again. Come on down, come often, and prepare to hang out a while. We like to visit and talk about everything going on in the world. Vaping is our specialty, but people are our bread and butter.

Keep strong, keep trying, and keep vaping.