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I know there are reviews out there for mods all over the webs, but this one isn’t so much a review, but more of a “did ya know” kind of post.  Being a shop owner, there are a thousand different mods and little caveats to those mods that we try to keep up on.  Kangertech alone comes up with a new coil for every tank they create and expect every shop to carry every tank and remember every coil that goes with every tank.  Multiply that by 100 companies making these things and you get a massive amount of chaos. The Pico Mega is a little different in that it comes with the Melo III tank. That tank takes so much craziness out of the mix. It works with Atlantis coils, Triton coils, and cCell coils.  Pick one!  I love that. They didn’t reinvent the wheel.  Truly, is there a reason too? I understand innovation and the need to make things better, but if there’s nothing to gain, why do it? These guys decided that these coils work and they’re awesome. Good move guys.

Now, the mod is completely different. It’ll use either the 18650 or 26650 batteries. Your max wattage is dependant on what battery you use. If you throw a 26650 in there, you’re looking at 80 watts, or if you use an 18650, you’re talking 75.  It supports all of your typical wattage and temp control variations, but the cool thing that some

The Pico Mega by Eleaf

The Pico Mega by Eleaf

probably didn’t know is that you can put your own logo on these bad boys. Create a graphic in some program, save as a 96 by 16 pixel bmp file and you’re ready to upload it. Connect the mod, tap the fire button a couple of times to make sure that Logo display is on and upload. You’ve got yourself a personalized mod that’s unlike any others out there…unless you download your pic.  You can do that too.

Available at the shop…the Pico Mega.


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