Vape Pen 22 by SMOK

Looking for a small vape? No, I mean a REALLY small vape? How about a cloud making really small vape? The Vape Pen 22 by SMOK fills the bill.  This thing is tiny. So tiny that you may end up having a hard time keeping up with it. For the price of less than most sub-tanks out there, you can get an entire setup that actually works well. The entire mod is 22mm and reminds me of the old stingray mods of past. The 20161016_114409big differences are, there’s no separate tank. There’s no separate RDA. The .3 ohm coil screws directly into the stop of mod, you place your globe on top of the mod and screw the top on.  Viola…you have a vape. The battery is a decent 1650mah which seems to last a good while. There’s absolutely no adjustments to be made on this thing. It’s a “fill-it-and-vape” kind of mod if there ever was one, but you still have the protection of a regulated device. In the package you get the battery, the globe, the coil, the top, and a charging cable. The coil you get is a .3 ohm dual coil that does a great job. Cloud production is actually awesome out of this little thing. Being regulated, you get an 8 second cutoff, short protection, etc. Everything you’d expect from a regulated device.

I have to admit, when I put this thing together, I wasn’t expecting much. I was really looking to be disappointed. You got me SMOK. I was impressed. Impressed enough to sit down here and tell you about a killer little starter kit that does a great job for very little money. Come on down to the shop. You gotta see this thing for yourself. Get more info at


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