Who benefits?

img_20160929_104425You’ve smoked for longer than you can remember, right? You’ve had your favorite brand of smokes at the ready and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get that urge and find that all you have to do is run out to the nearest convenience store and there they are. In all their taxed glory, they shine on the shelf ready for you to purchase.  Yeah, it’s tobacco.  They’ve done this for years. When I was a kid, they used to have them on the counter so that teenagers would steal them. It’s amazing.  Perfect undermining of a generation of people and their health.

Today isn’t much different.  You see, they still play their games with the public, but they’ve had to get smarter. New laws put them on the shelf behind the counter, you have to be over 18 in most, if not all, states to buy them now. This is all still a farce.  I remember when I smoked that I always said, “I’m a law-abiding person. If they would just make them illegal, I could get off of them.” As I got older, I realized that the law really wasn’t on my side. The “law” gets their pockets lined with tax dollars received from the sale of cigarettes.  They’re so addicted to the cashflow, that the law is willing to put everyone’s lives on the line to keep that revenue stream open and flowing. Pharmaceutical companies benefit by making these wonderful little help aids that rarely work and the rest of the health industry gets to benefit from large insurance payments from tobacco users that have been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, etc…

But seriously, what about the CDC, the ALA, the good groups out there that want everyone to live happy lives alongside every nonsmoker out there? Yeah, well, they actually get a little revenue from the tobacco industry as well. It’s amazing how much. If you get a chance to see “A Billion Lives”, go see it. It’ll really open your eyes as to what’s going on. A quick rundown though, the ALA et. al., receive huge donations from pharmaceuticals to fight this evil empire called tobacco. But, if there’s no big, bad tobacco, there’s no big donations.  Once you see these connections, you realize that your quality of life, if not your life itself, has a price tag. The money to government, pharma, and your non-profits all go away if tobacco goes away. With no nails, there’s no need for a hammer. That’s where vaping steps on a lot of toes.  I’ve always heard that “there’s no money in a cure, only in treatment.” With that being stated, vaping is a cure. There’s not a lot of future for vaping. It’s a product intended to extinguish itself. That alone runs a lot of companies away, but more than that, it cures a major problem in many countries. It saves lives, it increases the quality of lives, it costs less than smoking and it costs a LOT less than Chantix, wellbutrin, inhalers, and anything else the health industry touches. We’ve found a cure for one of mans most deadly, self-inflicted diseases. Remember what I said about cures?

Now that we know what the big problem is with getting vaping accepted, we have one more problem to tackle. I’m no believer in saying that “all government is bad.” I believe there are good people out there trying to do good things. I believe that there are some elected officials that have almost literally had the wool pulled over their eyes. The only cure for this is education. One would think that to lead a group of people that that person should be versed in all aspects of good and evil. They should be able to instantly see what is being done to an industry and put a stop to it. I would imagine it’s MUCH harder than that to fight. Being ignorant to a brand new industry would be easy. Sure, we research it, see the benefits, have lived the impossibility that we QUIT SMOKING with it, but most of them haven’t. They either haven’t quit smoking, never started smoking, or have a thousand other things on their plate like hurricanes and homeless people. To us, it’s the center of the universe because it saved our lives! Be patient, be courteous, and most of all, be persistent. It’s works. People need to see the benefits of vaping. They need to see that we’re not just vapers…for the first time in decades, for some, we’re NON-SMOKERS!

Advocate, call, write, text, email, blog, tweet, post…do something to help vaping. If not, the one’s who just see the dollar signs dwindling will be the one’s who win. We’ll just keep on getting sick and dying from it.


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