Welcome to Appalachian Fog!

We're a small shop located in Danville, WV.  We've been open since 2014 and have everything you need to get started and continue your journey to a smoke free life.  I've always said that it's not that we're looking to make your life longer, we're just looking to make it more enjoyable.  Smoking takes away more than you can imagine.  Being out of breath, smelling like an ashtray and tasting like one to your significant other are all things that take away from our lives.  With vaping, you get more.  You get more oxygen in those lungs, you get more flavor in your food, you get more out of your significant other too!  Start living again and get rid of the coughin' nails that your puffing away on. The greatest thing of all, you get to save some money while you're doing it (unless, of course, you start collecting mods...then you won't save a thing...promise).  We're here to help.  It's that simple.  We want you to succeed in making your quality of life better than it is with combustable tobacco.  Come on down and let us give you the things you need to get started.  Come on down to get the encouragement you're looking for as well.  We don't have many customers....we have a lot of friends though.

New mods are in! Check them out by clicking here.


Monday - Friday: 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Sunday: Closed